1. Please note that Budget-Jet's car wash customers are strongly advised to remove any personal belongings/valuables BEFORE leaving your vehicle with us for washing. Budget-Jet Car Wash & Detailing Services will not be held responsible/liable for the loss of any 'PERSONAL/VALUABLE ITEMS' left in a client’s car.

  2. Budget-Jet's car wash services are provided on a 'best efforts basis' - we will not be held at fault in the event that we are unable to clean or totally restore the clean condition of your vehicle due to deeply embedded pre-existing stains/dirt. Likewise, Budget-Jet will not be held responsible for any pre-existing interior or exterior damage noted on a client’s car at the time of your car wash service.

  3. Budget-Jet will make every reasonable effort to keep to the promised washing TIME and COST of our client's selected service – provided the service is not being done on a RAINY day. ALSO, IF we uncover extra-dirty conditions that require additional effort and time to properly clean your vehicle, Budget-Jet reserves the right to 'charge extra' on top of our standard charges, as follows:-
    SMALL CAR (Classes ‘A & B’)    -     $30.00 (Mark-Up Price)
    MEDIUM CAR (Classes ‘C & D’)    -  $35.00 (Mark-Up Price)
    LARGE CAR (Classes ‘E & F’)     -      $40.00 (Mark-Up Price)
    X-LARGE CAR (Classes ‘G & H’)   -   $45.00 (Mark-Up Price)

    N.B. We will make every reasonable effort to notify you in advance of completing your car care service, IF an extra charge will be applied

  4. Please note that we do not clean the ‘Radio/CD Player’ area of any car/vehicle, due to the digital sensitivity of most players.

  5. Please also note that ANY LOOSE ITEMS found in your car during its cleaning will be placed in a ‘White THANK YOU Plastic Bag’ & left either on the FRONT SEAT or in the BOOT of your car. Phone Chargers/Parking Meters are usually put in the car's Glove Box. Your car's RUBBER MATS will have been put in your BOOT or BACK SEAT – if car carpets have been shampooed.

  6. Budget-Jet Car Wash & Detailing Services' obligation for providing services is limited to the pre-listed definition and cost for any car wash service/s selected by our clients.

    N.B. Please note that in our ‘Detailing Services’, Budget-Jet advises that a customer’s Car/Vehicle windows be left open a little crack (for 2 to 3 hours only) if your CARPETS or SEATS have been shampooed/steam cleaned) – to allow Fresh Air/Sun to complete the drying process and to avoid any musty smell accumulating if the vehicle is left totally shut up after detailing.